🔔 Wrapping Up 2022 (Announcement)

A personal holiday message and quick notes on upcoming changes.

Hi everyone,

The holidays are nearly here but don’t worry. There’s still plenty of time to wait until the last minute for your holiday shopping. 👀

Jokes aside, people over-hype holidays and make them about priorities, resolutions, and planning for the next year.

But there’s more to life than work.

So, before I talk about all those things, I want to leave you with this message first.

Don’t forget to show a little love.

Call someone and tell them how you love them. Take time to share the amazing memories you have together. Laugh, cry, sing–do whatever you gotta do. You’ll be glad you did.

My best wishes to you and yours this holiday season.

Now, for the quick announcement.

Let’s get into it.

Time to change (for the better)

The daily business news has been a good start. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.

But looking at it as a business, it’s not quite hitting the mark I had in mind.

The original “vision” was to have The Level Ups serve as the go-to resources for business people (whether owners, employees or investors) to move from one milestone to the next.

Within this vision is the need to share business news. Who’s crushing it? Who’s dropping the ball? What’s new and exciting in a world full of possibilities? How can we use this knowledge to our advantage?

And we’ve done that.

While the news has been nice, it hasn’t come through on that vision. At least not yet.

So to focus on this vision, there will be some slight changes that are sure to create big impacts. The topics, schedule, and programming are up in the air.

Let’s get into it:

Topics. We’ll keep sharing the latest, but with a slight adjustment to a few areas of focus:

Schedule. It will most likely change (though not confirmed).

I love the daily dose, but the news is very hit-or-miss. Some days just don’t have those juicy hits. With new topics, we’ll see the schedule that makes the most sense.

Will see how it goes with the new topics and confirm if/how the schedule will change.

To be upfront, I’d rather send fewer but better emails than write just for the sake of it.


Talked about this in the last monthly update (btw, after January, updates will be quarterly).

This will bring everything closer to the cohesion I’m looking for, and the next level for all of you.

I hope you’re as excited for 2023 as I am.

We’re here to deliver the most value we can, but it’s hard when some love one topic but don’t care for another.

Tough for the business because it’s hard to grow without focus.

For all of you, it’s like a lottery. Maybe you’ll like the topic, or maybe you won’t.

Moving forward, I’d like for everyone to enjoy each article (not just a few). It may never be 100% for everyone, but that’s the goal.

More on this in January.

Wishing everyone an awesome holiday season.

Thank you again.


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