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Protein Diffusion = Big Gains in Biology/Medicine

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  • AI in medicine.

  • Who’s leading the way?

  • What about the rest of us (who aren’t scientists)?

  • What you can do.

Let’s get into it.

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AI In Medicine

With the latest hype around Lensa and Chat GPT, it’s easy to forget that AI can have tremendous benefits for society beyond words and pictures.

It’s A new Protein Design Era with Protein Diffusion. I know it’s a mouthful, but it’s so important. I’ll break it down here.

Proteins are the engines that fuel the body and facilitate the chemical reactions that are essential to life.

So when AI successfully predicts the shape of every known protein, it sounds whatever, but it’s a game-changer.

We’re talking about more than 200M proteins. It’s never been done before.

To be able to predict the shape of nearly every protein is incredible. But so is what it signals for the future.

Where will the technology be in ten years?

  • Will AI be able to generate new medicines?

  • Will it identify protein issues in the body years before our current technologies?

  • Will it be able to show us how to shift and adjust our cells (by telling our bodies how to do so) with its new medicine?

The possibilities are unbelievable.

Developments started last year, and this video has more details

Who’s Leading The Way?

Two major players: Google’s DeepMind and Meta.

It’s easy to forget that these companies are worth billions and do much more than just ads (though most of their money comes from ads right now).

These research plays are their hedge for the future.

Sure, it’s a long road. But as I said, the possibilities are endless (as long as the technology gets there eventually, which it will).

For example, DeepMind’s database, AlphaFold, came out last year and made big waves in the science community that’s fought to get their hands on it.

But it’s free now.

Love to see it.

What About The Rest of Us?

Maybe (if you’re like me) we can’t actually help the advances in society very much with DeepMind and this fantastic database.

But AI can help us in other ways.

Suck at Excel? Sheet God will turn your words into excel formulas, macros, and more.

Does your boss always have you make slide decks? Tome will generate the entire deck with a couple lines of text.

Do your kids keep you up? Bed Time Story AI generates bedtime stories just for you.

We’re not all scientists, but there’s an AI for pretty much anything now.

Don’t worry. Even if they’re not always great now, they’ll get better faster than you’ll believe. Just wait and see.

What You Can Do:

It’s time to get into it.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Give the AI a try, and realize there will be an opportunity for you the sooner you get into it.

  • Maybe you cut a cheque into a promising AI company.

  • Maybe you get a job at one of these companies.

  • Perhaps you’ll white-label something and create your own business.

This is one of those things where getting into it late may create regret.

How hard is it to play around with these apps for a couple of hours a week?

Not hard at all. Give it a try.

More on this soon.

Thanks for reading!

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