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  • A new software product creates other software products in seconds with AI.

  • Who’s in trouble?

  • Is everyone about to lose their job?

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A Product That Builds Product

Qatalog just launched a few days ago and it’s a game-changer.

The AI understands your text prompt (and the business you want to build) and creates the backend for you in less than a minute.

If you type in “marketplace,” it will recognize that you need buyers and sellers, then build the infrastructure to manage both sides of that marketplace.

It’s already learned where to drop input fields (like name, password, profile picture, etc).

Here is the announcement:

Who’s In Trouble?

Building software is becoming easier with no-code products that use drag-and-drop builders to make things easier.

When Squarespace first hit the market, its “builder” allowed anyone (with no knowledge of how code works) to build a functional website.

Then, the no-code movement made software development without code more than just websites.

  • Bubble - web apps without code

  • Glide - mobile apps without code

  • Zapier - API without a developer (automation).

  • Airtable - no-code database anyone can use.

All of these apps are screwed.

Qatalog is literally saying “do what they do with a few words and zero work.”

Now, of course, there will be work involved.

I made an app using it, so here's an example. The pictures don't do it justice. You can try to make your own if you have time. It took me 2min.

After typing in the business “real estate firm,” (something vague on purpose), I got an entire app in less than a minute.

First, it gave me the fields:

Then, I got the app with:

  • A client section to add and track their progress.

  • Analytics to review website traffic.

  • Properties section for listings

  • Admin such as password resets and more.

It’s a full app that anyone can create in a min. Create your own or see here:

But now for the disclaimer: it’s not perfect (shocker).

Having said that, if it’s this good now, think about how far it can go over the next two years.

Is everyone about to lose their job?

No, not for the next few years at least (probably longer, but I prefer to be extra cautious).

"No-code" exploded in popularity, but there are still many jobs for developers out there (still in high demand). The number of software developer jobs is expected to grow by 21% until 2028.

Granted, these reports are always years behind the technology, so take it with a grain of salt.

But in two years, who knows who will be out of a job. AI can write, create art, make music, and now build apps for us.

Here’s the thing:

The global AI market size is projected to grow from USD 387.45 billion in 2022 to USD 1394.30 billion in 2029.

Jobs are expected to increase ~21% by 2028, but the AI market is looking at ~3600% growth by 2029. Something is off here.

It’s already started. I covered Lensa hitting #1 on app stores yesterday.

In early November, Lensa was making about 15k. Now, it’s making almost $1.5M a day. That’s just one month.

It’s about to get real.

So, stay on the side of caution. AI is not taking our jobs yet, but it feels like it’s getting closer and closer everyday.

Remember, it’s better to learn about AI and how to use it well if you can. Avoiding it won’t help.

Thanks for reading!

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